Aspen Croft Heritage Farm
Our Mission
Our mission is to make a good life for ourselves by ensuring a good life for our land and animals.  We are dedicated to producing high quality products and promoting agricultural biodiversity by working with breeds and varieties that are appropriate for our northern environment. We also are committed to the on-going exchange of heritage skills, products, and knowledge in the north.

We’re located in northwestern Ontario, just outside of Thunder Bay.   Harsh winters and short, mild summers limit what can grow on our land, but also provide benefits such as fewer pests and diseases to contend with. We strive to work with breeds and varieties that are well adapted to the north so that we can work with our environment rather than against it.

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We’re sorry... Aspen Croft Heritage Farm is no longer operating.  We had several successful years of operation but have decided for personal reasons to change directions.


We thank all of our loyal customers and dozens of generous volunteers who helped make Aspen Croft such a special place over the years.